Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Ahem, hello… The Aldershot Woes has been on a paternal hiatus for the last couple of weeks but now it is back in all of its dyslexic glory to once more shine a dim light on to a dim world using the brain lamp of a dim man with a dim mind. Dim. It’s good to be back.

So with no further ado I welcome you all to this, the 14th episode of the Aldershot Woes… And before you all reach for your calculators let me just fill you in on the missing 13th Woe. I had written in full a complete blog about the recent media phenomenon that is TV Fat Cunt James Corden, it was a scornful piece which pulled no punches and it was as funny as the day is long (and we’re late June now bare in mind). However before it had a chance to be spread across the info tunnels of the interspace I was called away to the birth of me son… So the 13th Woe is left as a ghostly shadow on the memory of my work laptop and we are moving on swiftly to the 14th Woe, plus 13 is well unlucky so best left alone I reckon…

That last paragraph had more “ado” than I had planned, so with all the “ado” now taken care of may I say this time, honestly, with no further ado, lets slap on some factor 50 get out our deck chairs and soak our selves in the warm and fuzzy rays of… Lethargy…

Laziness, well you know…

Right then, that wraps up this welcome back Woe, with a detailed study in to the world of being lazy, its uncomfortably hot and the butterflies in my stomach have butterflies in their stomachs worrying about the England game this afternoon… So that’s all from me for today.

You can’t follow Twitter, because of a reason which is funny but I can be bothered to go in to.



  1. Glad your back

    Work wasnt the same

    Congrats on your wee man (your boy that is and not your penis)

    Apologies if i posted this twice(im quite retarded)

  2. cheers NB, and no worries about being retarded the Woes is built on a foundation of retardedisation... your in good company...

    And well found, i never even posted a link on Robbos... thanks for your words. i'll do a proper one tomorrow,

  3. rba - did you name your boy RedBlue James COrdon Army Jnr. in commemoration of the fabled "lost blog"?

  4. RBA - Welcome back mate. Hope you enjoyed yer time with the family.

    I have missed the woes over the past couple of weeks. I have been looking forward to stories of you not being able to get in to town because of the amount of fucking england flags everywhere.

    Im torn between being dead proud that people are flying the flag (im patriotic) but find it makes me feel uneasy seeing the flags everywhere, like it sort of cheapens it.

    Anyway, glad to have you back mate.