Friday, 14 May 2010

Chapter 2: The beginning

Welcome, my name is, well not important… but the things I have to say are, well, also not important… Ok truth be told your gonna be wasting your time reading any further than this… But if you are still here let me break the ice and give you the low down of Aldershot Woes….

I live in the gutter of the South east (just metaphor I don’t live in a big gutter) a garrison town called aldershot we have a great football team, great hordes of scum and about for billion squaddies… mix it all up and you have a big mixy thing full of scum and squaddies… I said you’d be wasting your time. Any way in the ever likely even that the mix of angry pikeys and moron squaddies results in Alsdershot being blown up and completely forgotten about… I would like to share some things with you… I’ll do however many I can a week, your welcome to comment, but nothing too blue!

Some ground rules:
I will use their, they’re and there incorrectly
Don’t take anything too serious, its just a joke

That’s about it…

The Journey begins…


  1. Sorry, I got sent here by Jacks, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING! much of the time.

  2. And if it all gets too much RBA, all I can say is, their, they're, there!

  3. At times I find I've got far too much time on me hands............

  4. Bantam,the madness begins....
    I've got so many tabs open to keep up with everyone...

  5. Brilliant.

    Just wait until the synthpop Tory blog starts then it'll get really good.

    Actually it may just be history and politics as you'll never read it otherwise

  6. haha, cheers lads...

    if you ever fancy a nice slice of slightly warped comedy pie... it good to go where every body knows your (user)name

  7. Adam.Any Tory shit on here and you'll be pied out of existence

  8. You can't knock a bit of tory pie - have you seen SamCam - oh no, it looks like she's already been knocked (up).............

  9. bantam,do you think he got the butler to do it for him?

  10. BantamDoonhamer said...
    At times I find I've got far too much time on me hands............
    Then Mrs BD gets home and I find I've got no time of my own at all...............

  11. Jack, of course, we upper-class toffs don't do any manual labour, wait............

  12. I might have given the game away there, but I think I got away with it!

  13. snob.
    We've got a snob in here....
    Bantam,come in here as well...

  14. Keep your tory/lefty agendas outside, the woes is a place for political neutrality... besides that brown is just a big as cnut as cameren is, and cleggs a waster to... f*ck the lot of them...

  15. well said RBA.
    Fuck the lot of em.Pollies are all charmless nurks...

  16. That they are jacks... thier aint a politician alive that would poiss on any of us regular folk if was on fire... they wouldn't even have thier butlers do it... what they'd do is get us to piss on ourselves, tax us for it and give the money raised to imigrants for nicer biscuits...

    This country!

  17. Are Tory pies Steak and Onion, Labour Chicken and Vegetables and Lib Dem Cottage Pie?

  18. Tory pies are larks toung and quial eggs (but only the richest 15% can afford them)

    Labour Pies are given away free to loafers, but you have to go through a thick layer of needless beaurocracy before you can taste anything.

    Libdem pies, look great... but dont have any filling...

  19. Whole new orld opening up here lads.

    Might have to start me own blog.....

    Nah, who wants to here about a semi retired dj who spends most of the time either in clubs or his own pub.

    Good luck with this one mate .

  20. onto pies already?
    Good work....

  21. My Butler said can you all read this while he makes me a nice Minced working class person and Onion pie

    Thanks awfully chaps wot wot wot