Monday, 20 September 2010


Hello readers and welcome back to another guff filled mind trump, its the 46th Aldershot Woe and today I am looking at the right to protest in a cleverly titled piece called The Aldershot Woes episode 46: Protest.

What a bell end. That’s an off the cuff statement and it could be about anyone, as we live in a free country where, to a degree, I can say what ever the heck I blimming well like about anyone! So put that in you pipe and smoke it (just not indoors please). Yeah we live in a free society, where we are free to say what ever thoughts are flowing freely through our dumb little minds. Of course there are a couple of rules, if you say something about some ones race or religion or sexuality or age or height or weight or appearance, then that is not allowed as that is hateful… so you cant quite say anything… oh and if you are on say, a state funded national broadcaster, then you can only say what they say you can, and also if what you are saying is a complete fabrication, you cant say that either really, unless you are a politician – (take that “the man”)… but apart from that you’re pretty much golden. If you see someone doing something and you think what they are doing is stupid or wrong or whatever, you can march alongside them shouting hate slogans until the cows come home. Its aces… yay for freedom… Of course this does bring a couple of problems with it as it unfortunately gives some of the vilest, ignorantest and evilest people a voice, and a right to bombard the world with their self serving messages of hate. But that’s not to say that all protesters are evil, oh no far from it most protesters are smug delusional little do-gooders. Or if it’s may day, posho little yah-yah twerps who think the way to get back at the ills of corporations is to urinate and defile war memorials. But the little silver spoon brigade on their day of rebellion against daddy aside, the majority of hippy smug delusional protesters are a good enough breed. If it weren’t for extreme defeatism and lethargy I would join them, maybe not in the thick of the crowd as they look like a less than sanitised bunch, but I’d be there or there abouts, shuffling along side giving half hearted “yeahs” and “you tell thems”. But as most protests are at weekends I can honestly say I have far less noble but more important things to do. But its grand the way we are aloud to go to the streets en masse and have a rant, and we can do so safe in the knowledge that we aren’t about to be sprayed with machine gun fire, we may get beaten to death by peace keeping police officers who all look like they are pretending they are in Halo, but the chances of that are slim. The Pope was here last week and along side the thousands of Jesus fans trying to get a view of the Pontiff their were also hundreds of protesters, letting the pope know that they thought he was a proper dick… I saw one sign on the news and it said “The Pope is the Antichrist”, now he may be a former Nazi with a less than crystal clear policy on child abusers, but Antichrist is a bit harsh still. But being good old free to say what we like blighty, the sign was allowed to stand and was even on the BBC news, and the person waving the Damien Thorne-esque banner wasn’t thrown in the tower of London or fed to a preach of rabid paedo priests. No they were given the right to tell the pope what they thought, I am not clear whether it was some religious zealot who thought the pope genuinely was the antichrist or not, but that’s not important, what ever you want to put on a a bit of wood and wave in some ones face is A-ok… Before we were forced in to an illegal war with Iraq, something like a million people hit the streets of London in protest, which is a huge number, that’s a 6th of the population of the whole City… I mean it didn’t do anything, we went to war regardless… but still a public show like that gives a little pride to the country, it doesn’t really make up for the millions of dead Iraqis, but come on, its something… go us! Not me mind, I was at work that day lining the coffers for a corporation that makes guns made of oil to shoot the Ozone layer. So protesting is cool, if you want, but like I said you also get some royal see yoo en tees who go on the protest, and they more or less balls it up for every one. Take Andy Stephenson and Katherine Sloan, they are up in arms that they were told that they couldn’t wave pictures of dead foetuses on their Pro-Life (possibly the stupidest phrase ever) protest. And I can’t argue with that really, that’s got to be one of the cruellest things you can do, quite why they would want to do that is beyond all human understanding, they are clearly scum, and the world would be abetter place if they died, right now. But this is the problem with free speech, every now and again someone is going to want to say something people simply shouldn’t have to listen to. And then how do you define who can say what and what is offensive to whom and why… it’s a greyer area than John Majors pubes. But in order to prevent the vivisectionist bozos and the pro-life berks from this sort of thing we need to have some sort of protest approval system, where banners are deemed fit and acceptable to the wider public or not, or better than that if you want to protest anything you sign a disclaimer which means anyone who beats seven shades of doody out of you for being an opinionated ball sack can not be prosecuted. That sounds like a sensible way, let’s protest government till they approve it…

Well that was a pointless rant that managed to cloud the already merky waters of debate surrounding the issue… still Robbo were dead good today…



  1. Pro life?

    Isn't that what the footballers bits on the side lead?

    I'm confused.

    But not about this blog man, it's the shizzniz, anyone who wishes to protest against it should be rodgered by the Pope.

  2. ssh H2, dont say that they'll be falling over each other to protest if they hear about it in the seminaries.

    Brothers! There is a blog up, by the RBAnti-Christ. The One knowns as H2H has promised we shall be rodgered by the Holy Father if we shall protest! Are you with me, Brothers?

    Ooooh! Me first!

    No me! (monks start to fight)

  3. RBA - Funny as fuck mate. Youre the man!

    you know why we've got free speech dont you...noone is listening (not even him)

  4. RBA(dnh5)

    Protest should be aimed at the petrol station on the Leek Road out of Buxton.

    They've stopped selling Wright's Pies.


  5. I said, should be, not will be.

    It's all in the fine print blogs.

    But a good old fashioned monk fight would be awesome. I'm calling Murdock to set up the pay per view rights. HOI...RUPERT.

  6. Jacks, you have a non pie selling petrol station that's leeking on the road?

    We all should protest that.

  7. u wot?

    Oh yeah we do have freedom of speech as long as no one hears us...

  8. Crikey, probably the last Woe for a while at least... as i have more or less just been made redundent...

    cest la vie...

    fucking cunts.

    love you all... well i like most of you.

  9. At first I was thinking we should start planning the world's biggest protest. It'll be aimed at protests. The anti-protest protest. Fuckin' protests just interfere with me going about my business by causing traffic snarl ups and store closings. At least with free speech when we do get to finally pull alongside it's ok to yell out the car window "fuck off protestors".

    The worst protests are the ones when two sets of protestors get together, or almost together, there's usually a gap. One group saying we should and the other saying we shouldn't. That's a waste of a good protest, it's like the pantomime all over again....oh yes we should...oh no we shouldn't...

    That's what I was thinking, then I read about the petrol station on the Leek Road ceasing to sell pies, it's just disgraceful. I'm with you brothers...I've started work on my sandwich pro-pie protest board.

  10. Bastards.

    RBA,protest time.

    We'll be the ones throwing custard pies at the management.


  11. RBA, sorry mate, I missed your redundancy comment, time for a call to the book publisher! One door closes another......etc etc

  12. rba sorry mate i'm sure a bright guy like you will be fine

    i would say fuck them youve got talent coming out of your ears and leeking into jacks petrol flavoured pies but i no with dependents its never that easy.

    still fuck them anyways

  13. and on a selfish note:

    WOT NO MORE WOE! SAY IT AINT SOE! i prefer it to robbos ramblings.....sob

    change. i fookin hate it. id still be at holden lane high school if it was left to me, dressed as Fat Sam.

  14. and while im emoting , ill quickly say i like you guys more than any other guys that i have ever not met.

  15. '… it’s a greyer area than John Majors pubes.' Brilliant. Totally disturbing, but brilliant nonetheless (first time I've ever written that word).

    Sorry to hear about the job news RBA, but, like Trotts says - you have a future in writing. You got some mad skillz broseph.

  16. RBAman...fantastic as always and no doubt should inspire us all to protest against the motherfuckers who thought they could do without you...dont worry will come through just fine. I was fired from my job 2 days after I got married in 1998 and yet here I am, in a decent enough job that pays me to comment on blogs during workday. Chin up bro and restart the blogging soon as you can...or I'll have to really start working at work, which can never be good.

  17. RBA, Sorry to read that mate. The other fellas are right. You (and Bloggy) are really good at this.

    Otherwise, I reckon you will walk in to another sales job. You are dead clever and all that.

    Good luck mate

  18. RBA. Know I haven't been around much recently but sorry to hear about the job situation mate, happened to me about 6 months before I started working at the bookies. Cuts in the public sector, cuts in the private sector, and I'm getting taxed less than when I was 4. What a way to fix a country. At least you should have plenty of mates to play Pro-Evo and Tiger Woods with. Good luck finding something new mate and hopefully the Woes are back soon!

  19. RBA - just also to add my Good Luck to you - Hopefully you can find a job that lets you carry on posting on here and Robbos blog as, to me, you are one of the 'originals' and one of the funniest

    Hope Mrs RBA, RBAettes and RBA Jnr are all doing well

  20. Good luck RBA, for all that you undertake in life!

  21. Hey RBA. Dont ya worry, you'll find some new job soon. Good wishes to you until then and hope to stay in touch through this medium of Woes. Take care. Peace.

  22. Here's hoping this message finds you in better times, I'm sure I speak for most when I say that the other blog just isn't the same without you and I truly miss your biweekly Woes.

    Here's wishing you all the best mate.

    Hope to hear from you soon SNH5.

  23. Missing your comments and blogs mate. Hope life is treating you well.

  24. Poor old Wadey mate.

    He looked very gutted after 2 Hotty Scotty steamrollered past the finishing line.

    Still,World Champs start soon.

    Taylor,Wade,Whitlock.One of those 3 to win it.

  25. Well I'm going to stick my neck out and go for Whitlock.