Friday, 10 September 2010

Burning Issues

How do, welcome to another Aldershot Woe this is the forty somethingth edition and comes with a free gift of a Irn Bru 10p chew bar… (if your bar is not attached to this blog speak to your Internet Provider).

Well its Friday now but by the time its Monday we could all be dead, or living some sort of Mad-Max post apocalyptic existence as world war three is all set to be triggered by some loony in the states hell bent on having “Burn The Koran Day”. Yep in a genius bid for revenge over the 9/11 attacks on New York some inbred bumpkin preacher from Prickville Tennessee has decided he’s going to have a day burning the Muslim holy book. Now this is the clearly the actions of a mad religious zealot nutbar, and the brain dead, hate filled dumb monger should be ignored like a bratty 3 year old throwing a hissy fit for a new toy. He is just a fringe nutter in a country which seems to have more than its fair share of loopy cretins, so he should have his little protest as he is in the land of free speech, but the best thing about people having the right to say what they want is that they also have the right to not listen. His book burning should have passed by and got no more attention than a cow farting, after the event people should have tutted, called him a wanker and moved on. But as to be expected people are talking about the crazy Pastor, TV news and papers across the world are joining in mass condemnation of the proposed book burning and everyone is gawping at this narrow minded prick and thinking what a C to the U to the N and the T he is… This isn’t unreasonable, he is a dick of the highest order trying to commit a highly offensive protest, so we want to take a stand and condemn him and do our best to distance our selves from the God bothering fruitloop and his crazy plan. It isn’t even obvious what he is trying to achieve with his Koran burning, I mean there are millions of Korans in print so even if his book burn is really successful he’ll be lucky to take out even a single percent of the world Korans. Chances are he just wants to send a message to the Muslim world and if that message is “hey Muslim world I am an absolute bell-end” I think he will be very successful.

The problem is now he and his little mentalist church of Hell and Hate for Jesus have had their publicity and now whether a Koran is burnt or not the damage is done. Both sets of zealot fools will use it to there advantage. The Al Qaida lot will say “America wanted to burn the Koran, they hate us” then they will say “but America didn’t burn it, because they are scared”… it’s a justification of brutality. The Christian douche bags will say that if they don’t do it then Muslims are affecting the first amendment, and even if Pastor Terry “F*ckwit” Jones decides not to have his little book burning festival, some redneck hicks are burn some copies of the Koran and then post it on YouTube to add further fuel to the pyre of ignorance and hatred that continues to burn amongst these narrow minded fools.

So erm, be nice to people… have a good weekend.



  1. This was posted after 4 o clock on a Friday afternoon. You worked overtime for us?

    Cheers mang.

  2. Suggestions for the video sound track would obviously include "Burn baby burn" and "disco inferno".

    The guy is just a small minded tit.Unfortunately the world is filled with people that agree with that kind of nonsense.2.1 million people buy the Daily Hate Mail after all.

    Have a good weekend all.

    Good night and may your god go with you.

  3. what i havent seen mentioned anywher is that tomorrow as well as being the 10th anniversary of a bunch of religious cunts killin people pointlessly, its also the beginning of ede, so the hillbill psycho christian would be offending th entire muslim world on their version of christmas eve.

    and all despite the fact that, as hawkin would say (robot voice) "god does not exist"

  4. Come on Baby Light My Fire......easy for you to say but that cow fart was sacred to some.

    The man's a prick, he should be burned (or at least singed around the edges) at the stake (not 'steak' you Hindu blog followers).

    Ya'll have a nice weekend, enjoy the footy, the grid iron, the golf, the tennis, the darts, the cricket, the croquet etc and God willing we'll be alive on Monday.

  5. Once again the medja must take a portion of the blame for a story of this stupidy to be blown out of all proportion and to be anaylised from every available angle. Thanks to them the whole world now knows this cretain of a man, Pastor (dutchy on the left hand side) Jones.

    Never really understood why people get so rilled up by the burning of flags or books, as long as I'm not drapped in or reading one of those things at the moment it is being burnt then I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

    That's all from me for now, I'm off to the annual bring an icon barbeque.


  6. RBA, thats a gr8 take on current affairs in USA. That fella has lost his brains.. YEAR.

    Love all people, Respect all religions and Peace is on its way.

  7. they cant love or respect each other tho can they because they all think thyve got exclusive access to the truth and so the others are going to hell.

    if heaven is full of religious bigots ill be happy to wash up on the outer shores of purgatory

  8. Vi er best i verden! Vi er best i verden! Vi har slått Aldershot 1-0 i fotball!! Det er aldeles utrolig! Vi har slått Aldershot! Aldershot, kjempers fødeland. Johnn Berry! MC Smiley! The British Army! Arthur English! Maud Gonne!Heather Mills!--vi har slått dem alle sammen. Vi har slått dem alle sammen.

    Heather Mills can you hear me? Heather Mills, jeg har et budskap til deg midt under valgkampen. Jeg har et budskap til deg: Vi har slått Aldershot ut av Verdensmesterskapet i fotball. Heather Mills, som de sier på ditt språk i boksebarene rundt Madison Square Garden i New York: Your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating

  9. haha i just read that the beatles played aldershot and only 18 people turned up

  10. the beatles won 3-1. Ringo scored direct from a corner. The other 2 goals werent worth describing.

  11. Good one RBA mate.

    Agree about the press coverage, but in the grand ol U S of A the stupid fuckwit right have their own agenda (fox = cunts). They have guys spouting this sort of crap all the time.

  12. oh and dont get me started on stephen hawking bloggy, born in england yet talks with an american accent.......what a pretentious cunt.

    Im going to watch his series on the universe. Im expecting a lot of mistakes. I dont think he knows fuck all.

    Oh and he is shit at darts.....although he did beat me.

  13. The media did indeed blow this one up mightily although Obama helped by mentioning this guy and getting the Secreatry of Defence to phone him - should have just ignored him.

    Anyway noce one now please can you and your followers read this one, comment and vote on who will be the next Wales Manager