Friday, 25 March 2011

Woe-lcome back....

Well due to popular and unprecedented demand (trotts) I am making a return of the Aldershot Woes… So this is episode 47 of the Aldershot Woes… WOES.

Long story short, had job, lost job, Christmas, got new job… I used to do a couple of these a week but now I have a job for a proper company and that won’t happen… but what will happen (hopefully) is this… I’ll do like one a week written at lunch and my breaks… Unless that becomes tedious, in which case I wont bother… so at some point next week the WOES2.0 will kick off…

Oh thanks for the cool things people said when I got “toried” and lost me job, that were nice… Oh and those British tax payers amongst yous, thanks for the support during my occupational sabbatical, that was neat of you.

(Clears throat)



  1. Welcome back RBA.

    This woe doesn't have anything to do with last night's premier league score does it?

    Taylor 8 v Wade 1

  2. I almost can't type through the tears of joy..... ok, that's better, nose blown and wiped on left sleeve. Woelcome Back indeed! This date will live in infamy!

    Happy, NJ

  3. you've had it easy mate, my last employer poured liquid nitrogen down my kecks then shattered my left buttock with a Toffee hammer

  4. Hey RBA. Nice to see your blogs back. Woes 2.0v will enthrall us all.


  5. Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!

    Woe-nderful news.

    Bring it on maanng.


  6. so, whoes the new woe then? I've been pressing f5 here since last Friday lunchtime. I've told all the neighbours and relatives across the globe, they're all waiting, we're all waiting, England expects a WOE!

  7. Nice to see you back with another WOE. Remnember any Tory Cuts are Posh Ed's fault.

    A man who's Dad was a notable Marxist who believed that equality for all ended at the gates of his large mansion.

    Anyway for some analysis of the weekend please read