Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mosque Pit

Hello, well it’s been a while since my last affront to grammar so I figured I’d blow the dust off the old keyboard and type out whatever gibberish is currently floating around my old brain box at THIS exact second… The Aldershot Woes Episode 37: Mosque Pit:

I am an atheist and I have had a hugely unreligious upbringing, I was baptised but only for the reason most people get their kids baptised… it was a good excuse for my folks to have a party. I do not believe like some atheists that religion is the root of all evil, I think greed is a far more suitable culprit for that, and on some levels I am even envious of those with faith, as it must be a big comfort knowing your soul will live on forever on cloud or whatever, I mean it sure beats the hell out of the eternal oblivion waiting for me once I pop-my-clogs. But, there is no doubt that tooooo many people use good old religion for their own ends, and give it a bad name. In fact it’s difficult to think of the religion that doesn’t do this on some level… The most notorious religion at the moment, well since 9/11 is Islam. Yep, thanks to a couple of nut-bars the old Muslims get a pretty hard time these days and unfairly so. I mean old Hitler did his bidding in the name of God, but it didn’t lead to global condemnation of Christianity did it? Nope. So the stigma now attached to being Islamic is unfair and I should think massively insulting… So that’s that, let me be clear I think Muslims are as good as any other religious group, they’re OK in my book… the only religious group you should be wary of are Scientologists, but we’ll save that for another blog… But with all that being said having read about the furore over the proposed Mosque being built at Ground Zero, I have to say… don’t do it.

I am all for religious freedom, as far as I am concerned practice what ever you want, if you want to dress up like an Apache war chief and worship chocolate hobnobs, go for it. If you want to live naked in a tree preying to Ewok deities, well that’s all Kool and the gang with me… what ever floats your boat you should be allowed to do it with out the fear of anyone p!ssing on your parade… But that said, if what you are doing is an affront to a whole group of people or is a threat to society at large then it ought to be curbed right in… Not banned, but controlled to avoid conflict, seems fair enough to me. And as far as I can see building a Mosque on the site of an attack by crazy fundamentalist Muslim zealots, even though regular Muslims are as far detached from that sort of idiocy as your average Nan is from people like Timothy McVeigh it still aint cool. Of course they have a right to build it, that should not be in any doubt, and of course Muslims shouldn’t be punished for the act of a few brainwashed mugs, but the fact remains that a whole bunch of people are gonna be really really p!ssed off about it. And with fairness in mind, Americans aren’t famed for their open mindedness or intelligence are they, just yesterday a black guy in a skull cap was almost hanged as they thought he was a Muslim, he wasn’t he was just a black guy in a skull cap in crowd full of angry opinionated fools. All this Mosque will do is fuel the fire of ignorance by inciting an unneeded hatred from both sides. Idiot Christians will become bigger idiot Christians, and idiot Muslims will become bigger idiot Muslims, and you know what will happen, more Bin Laden douchebags will fight which will breed more reactionary Bu(ll)sh(it) imbeciles to fight back and we all end up hating each other and the world a little bit more.

My advice is build the Mosque down the road, and try to spread a little bit of that religious love around and maybe one day we’ll see people fighting over proper things like football or Tetris high scores or Pie fillings rather than religion, which is you know, all pretty far fetched any way.



  1. Like you RBA I am an atheist.Thank God.

    Religion has always been used as the reason to commit some sort of morally defunct behaviour,The Crusades being a good example.The Ottoman Empire was quite a liberal thing of it's time(if you ignore the conquering of lands bit)people were allowed to practice their faith without fear of reprisal.

    The idea of building a mosque so close to the sight of the Twin Towers is a little daft.Like many things in faith it's all about the image and what it projects rather than the substance.It will be used in propaganda for all sides of loonies in this never ending war of stupidity we currently find ourselves in.The compromise of a mosque built in New York,but not quite as close with a memorial in the name of Islam to all those at died near the sight might be a suggestion.

    People won't fight over the idea of pie fillings.We all worship the same god there.Pastry.Wrights Pies new burger pie being a great example of lateral thinking.Burger,cheese,relish all in a handy container with no spillage issues to concern yourself with.

    Goodnight,and may your god go with you.

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  4. Sorry mang, I fucked up, here, I'll try again;

    To build that mosque there would be the worst decision in american history since JFK said; "it's a nice day, lets take a drive with the top down".

    How could they possibly be contamplating this?
    It would be like erecting (tee hee) a statue of Hitler in Tel-Aviv.

    Anyway's, once again, this was the bizz, broham, keep it up son!!

    S to da N to da H to da 5, Kaplowwwww!!!

  5. cheers guys... hman, no worries on teh mistkaes if everyone did what you did i'd have three times as many comments, and there fore be three times happier... and 12 times smugger.

    also, here we are 5 posts in and no one has jihaded (word?) me...

  6. Nobody messes with The Aldershot Connection RBA.(cue Godfather music)

  7. Top Blog RBA.

    One little point though, they ARE building it down the road. 2 blocks away, with some sky scrappers in between the site and the Ground zero, in an old coat factory. The whole issue's been picked up by the American Right and Left to do politics on.

    Still, once its become so controversial, why not move it?

    Thought the whole point of building a 'cultural centre' with basket ball courts and swimming pools (and a mosque) was to express religious harmony?

    Thats never gonna happen now.


  8. Ha Ha, funny video, Spit.
    I'm a big Jon Stewart fan.

  9. Hey RBA, excellent man. Infact there was a 30 min TV show by an Indian run news channel debating whether Prez Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim or not. I mean what crap, what has that got to do with him okaying the building of mosque and of course Ground Zero is now a heritage site.

    A more political view of this could be him trying to win Muslims of the world. But it aint gonna get him anything unless the visa norms are relaxed a bit. I think this story is one for the future and will have to wait and watch if it results in "Osama Meets Obama"

  10. Dont miss the new video


  11. The local view is that it wouldn't be a mosque in the place-of-worship sense of the word, it'd be a memorial to the hijackers that died there.

    As NY is one of the most unionised States in the Nation, it or anything else down there could only be built by Union workers. That means getting the same ironworkers that sifted through the rubble of the WTC to build it, Not gonna happen!

    Obama has an opinion but he doesn't issue the building permits and he won't be leading a band of muslim bricklayers across the most hostile picket line in the history of the world. He won't be with the fire department inspectors that issue the use and occupancy permits, nor will he be with the cops that patrol the area day and night.

    There are 40 other mosques in Manhattan. It's the most culturally diverse City in the World, the most tolerant, the most welcoming of all cities to all peoples of all religions. However, for the most part, they don't like the idea of idolising terrorists and the perception is that this mosque would do just that.

  12. Excellent blog RBA. I heard someone on the radio saying there was another site a further 2 blocks away which they could use. 2 Blocks or 4 blocks its still a tad daft to be that close.

    The american right worry me, have you seen that Glenn Beck fella? jeeez!

  13. ive heard both sides of the argument and i dont understand either of them

  14. so teyre building a statue to osama bin laden smack in the middle of ground zero.

    obama supports it because hes moslem and believes in the constitution (first amendment)and sarah palin and co are agasinst it because she hates moslems, blacks and foreigners except as target practice.

    have i got that right?

  15. o i meant to sy, rba - hitler wasnt religious. neither was stalin or mao of course which is why noone (plymouth) can blame religion for all the shit in world history just most of it

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  17. crikey thanks for the education yous lot... thanks for the wordage...

    you all know a lot more about it than i do, in heinsight perhaps i was not the best person to write it, given my shocking ignorance.. i just heard the kerfuffle and thought blimey, whats that all about.

    Trotts New York might be more welcoming but london is erm... dustier???

    Spit, 2 blocks down ay... erm, it should be further? Or make it a more western orientated mosque, have your allah and whatnot but have a freindly cartoon version, i am sure that wouldn't cause any contriversy???

    Blogs, i thought hitler was religious, though in retrospect i could be thinking of someone else, whose that guy, bit crazy, loves jesus, hates jews... Mel Gibson! yeah my bad...

  18. Well, as the other "speakers" have said, building a mosque in New York, especially at the site they're saying will be tantamount to kissing America's ass. Well, who wouldn't wanto? Do you wanto? me neither?

    Why? Americans won't forget that easy and they're not gonna take it lightly. And if they do, then screw them

  19. next you'll be telling us they're planning a statue of Bill Shankly at Old Trafford.

  20. Or Jose Mourinho.............anywhere.

  21. Why o why would you want to pour salt on someone's wounds, even if there is a chance that could make things better. Live and let live, don't unnecessarily stir the pot. I hate to let the right wingers like beck and palin have their way, but anything else is too painful, even if the intent is good. You know what they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Keep it coming, RBA.

  22. The road to Aldershot is paved with dog shit and spite...

    says it all really...

    Thanks for the Ah, always apreciated mate...